Why am I blinking? My eyes should be closed. Shut. Turn off my brain. For some reason sleep just isn’t coming. Thoughts are banging around in my head like a pinball, complete with the sounds. No wonder I can’t sleep; there’s an arcade cacophony in my brain. Hope I win enough tickets for a new hacky-sack. Or maybe a Chinese finger trap. But seriously, why on earth can’t I sleep? I can’t even remember the last time I was this preoccupied over nothing. 2am… 3am… Even when I reset my alarm clock so I could sleep another 2 hours I couldn’t fall back asleep. Should have used the NyQuil. I sound like Professor Umbridge, “ahem hem.”

So what is actually swirling through my thought stream? Today. Yesterday. Choices I need to take. Choices that I’ve made. Places I’ve been. Where I’m at now. Who I’ve become. Who I want to be. People I care about. Shamrock Shakes. Work. Trying not to think about work.

So if I’m tired today, you’ll understand why. I was too busy blinking to be sleeping.

Peace will come to you in time. I will sing this lullaby.

–Josh Groban



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