Water from the Moon

Thirsty. So incredibly thirsty. I realize that it’s winter and the air may be dry, but seriously, this is ridiculous. For anyone who knows me and the inordinate amount of ice I consume, you may find it hard to believe–I know i do! I have a cup of ice that I’m working on right now. My skin is dry. My mouth is dry. I had to steal a juice box from my stash at work because I was so thirsty. I have a pack of gum next to my desk and I’ve been flying through it just to get some moisture in my mouth. Perhaps it’s a result of being sick. I don’t know. But it’s weird. 

Maybe it’s my body’s manifestation of the thirst I have in life. The strong, insatiable desire to do more, be more. It’s like I’m searching for meaning, my purpose, and it’s just out of reach; a shiny mirage mocking me. 

Or maybe I’m just thinking about it too much and all I really need is is a lotion bath and a cup of water on the rocks.

I don’t know what’s left to try, try, try.  I’ve done everything I can do, but get water from the moon.

–Celine Dion


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