Silence Screams

Sunshine. It feels great to kick back and just enjoy the warmth. Of course, it’s not warm outside. I’m enjoying the warmth coming through my car windows. Lots of time on the road today.

And now a sigh of relief. I can only be me. Whether that’s what they’re looking for… I’ll soon find out. I look forward to the day when I’ll feel like a vital part of a news team, rather than off in my own cubicle world working on a show next to no one cares about. So for now I’ll wait. In the peaceful calm before the storm. The silence. You can hear so much more when it’s quiet. My future is practically screaming at me. But I’ll wait. 

In other news, I had a blast from the past today. I met up with a professor from about 6 years ago–back when I was Editor-in-Chief of the the GRCC Collegiate. So crazy, but very cool to have continued (renewed) contact. It’s always nice to have someone checking in on you, rooting for you. 

Moral of the story: Keep calm. Let it be. God’s plan for my life is unfolding before my eyes. What’s meant to be will be. 

It’s not the lives that you’ll save, but what the silence will scream. Clap your hands. Hear what the silence screams. There’s a clamor in your whispering tonight.



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