The funniest thing I heard today was by far this statement from a co-worker (keep in mind, she was being completely serious): “I think she heard about it from the maple syrup commissioner.”

That’s the beat I want to follow. What’s new syrup man? Breaking news!

Later on that conversation was followed up by another co-worker saying, “That is a lot of syrup. That’s enough to keep Will Ferrell coming back for more.” Only in a newsroom.

In other news, today was a good day. I even rewarded myself with a Mint Shake. Winning. I’m in a much better place than a couple weeks ago. It’s amazing what difference a little time can make. I didn’t get that punched-in-the-gut feeling like before. I was able to smile and move on. I’ve realized there’s nothing I can do, so I shouldn’t be stressing. It’s actually quite a relief. Now I can sit back and trust that whatever comes is meant to be. I’m just excited to see how it all unfolds.

I will remain confident in this: I will see the goodness of the Lord.

The Lord is my Light and Salvation. Whom shall I fear? Of whom shall I be afraid?

–Fellowship Church


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