So I’ve been watching all of the hype surrounding the “Papal Conclave.” It sounds so official. I guess it’s something I’ve never really understood about the Catholic church. And still don’t.

It still seems odd that the Pope would resign. But that’s not even the big deal for me. Even if he is old or tired and wants to be done, he couldn’t make it past Easter? Deciding to retire a couple weeks before the holiday is like a producer quitting the day before the presidential election. Now everyone is scrambling to get everything sorted out by Easter. He could have waited. And all this has me thinking. I’m afraid that all of this Pope drama is going to overshadow what is supposed to be a very significant period. All eyes will be on the new pope instead of focusing on the true meaning, the true history of Easter. I get that the pope leads the modern day Catholic church, but Jesus is who it’s really all about. It’s not about which man stands at the balcony and blesses the crowd. It’s not about whether that man will make changes to the system. It’s not about what he wears or what he’s named. All the smoke is getting in the way. It’s about God coming to Earth as a man, living a perfect, sinless life, choosing to sacrifice Himself for the salvation of mankind. It’s about the man on the cross. Who died. More than that, who was raised to life. And is now sitting at the right hand of God. That’s what I’m celebrating.

So the “world’s most famous chimney” can show whatever color smoke it wants. Here’s the list so far:
White: New Pope
Black: No Pope
Red: New Ginger Pope
Green: They haven’t voted anything yet, it’s just St. Patty’s
Blue: the Genie’s coming
Rainbow: Gay Pope
Pink: Woman Pope
No smoke: everyone inside the Sistine Chapel died of smoke inhalation.

All the footage from Rome is making me want to go back. I had a really good time in Rome. It really is a fantastic place full of history. I just remember being in awe of standing in the same place where so much has happened throughout time. I think of all the Biblical accounts of the Romans. I tried to imagine them going about their business on the stone pathways. Conducting meetings in the halls. Looking at remnants of towers it’s hard to imagine what took place. Some day I’ll go back.


It may sound like I’m jaded and uncaring of the whole Papal Conclave, but I know it matters. I’m praying that God’s will be done. I understand the Pope has the ability to influence millions of people and their beliefs. There could be big changes on the way. I just pray that God would continue to be glorified and more will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In other news, I’m currently playing jelly belly roulette. I was given a handful and put them in my pocket. I totally forgot about them for the past three hours. Now it’s time to guess their flavors šŸ™‚ White with pink and blue spots–delicious.

Don’t know what the country’s comin’ to but in Rome do as the Romans do. Will you on an evenin’ in Roma?

–Dean Martin


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