I don’t want to go deep into the topic, but it can’t be avoided. I’ve been running the stories for the past five days regarding the Supreme Court and the cases it’s currently taking on. I’ve read all the Facebook posts and seen all the images. Honestly it’s all nauseating. 

I will say it loud and clear (or type it in a font you can read): I do not support gay marriages. 

How dare you accuse me of being close-minded, judgmental, or hateful. I’d rather sit down and have a real conversation about the topic. I’ll hear your side of the story. I don’t need to spout off one-liners and shove my reasoning down your throat. That’s the last thing I want to do. But please don’t be offended when I stick to my convictions.

I do believe in love. I totally support love. That’s why I choose to handle this situation with love. Please don’t tell me you’re fighting for Love Equality by bashing people who don’t see eye to eye. There are arguments on both sides. 

I stick to what is in the Bible. It’s an issue that is talked about and is outlawed. It’s not just something that’s frowned upon. God says no. So that’s where I stand. I do not believe you can be a true follower of God and continue down the path of homosexuality. But I want you to know something, God loves everyone. And that’s an equality I stand behind. 

Changing the definition of marriage is a slippery slope. Which is probably why all of the coverage and people’s comments make me sick. There is a lot at stake. 

Enough of that. In other, yet tangentially related news, I learned something about cricket mating the other night. Apparently the female cricket injects her eggs into the ground. The male comes along afterward and fertilizes them. I learned this after asking if someone breeds frogs. No, but crickets… Good to know.

Please lay down your arrows, for they’re sure to pierce the skin.
And water from a broken well will make you thirst again.
It’s worth it brothers, it’s worth it friends,

To know your maker, to lose your sin.
Did you know that you are dearly loved?
–Jimmy Needham


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