Good Enough

Taking pictures is rejuvenating for me. I should remember this. I hadn’t gotten out to just shoot in so long. Being able to wander, at my own pace, not slowing anybody down–that’s the best. That’s when creativity flows. No harness. No restraints. I end up in my own world. 

I often question my abilities. What makes my pictures any better than anybody else’s? It’s not about that though. As I go through my images it’s so peaceful. I’m happy. And deeper than that–there’s joy. Sure there are some not-so-stellar shots, but the process of getting the right shot is fulfilling. I love being able to master the moment–to capture it in a way that does it justice. I love being able to show people the world through my eyes. 

Somebody just reminded me of the photography classes that I’ve taken. Walking around downtown brings to mind some of those early assignments. I think about how one of my professors always gave me a hard time about wanting to pursue broadcasting. He would say, “No, you don’t want to be on tv. You need to take pictures.” He was always trying to convince me that I was good enough to make it, something I couldn’t quite grasp. I didn’t hear him saying that to anyone in the class; I know he meant it. There was sincerity in both his eyes and voice. Even catching up years later, he said the same thing. In a way, he’s right. I do need to take pictures. It’s part of who I am. It’s how God made me. It’s a great way for me to express myself. 

This world is a marvelous place. Creation’s splendor was meant to be revered. I’m honored to have the opportunity to snatch it up and preserve it. 

I guess this is a challenge to myself. I really need to set aside time, to plan time for taking pictures. Perhaps a vow to use my time off of work… I become someone else when my camera is draped over my shoulder. There’s a story to tell. 

It’s kind of like this blog. I decided to start writing because I craved creativity in my life. Photos are another large aspect of imagination in my life. 

“Gonna take a sentimental journey. Gonna set my heart at ease. Gonna make a sentimental journey to renew old memories.”

–Emmy Rossum



Time and distance. It’s not a mathematical problem. It’s a solution. Stepping away from something, or someone, can be very healthy. It doesn’t mean you don’t care. In fact, it can mean the opposite: growth for both people. I saw evidence of that today. It truly gladdens me. I’m very thankful for that encounter. Until next time… 

We live and we learn to take one step at a time, there’s no need to rush… It’s going to happen and it’s supposed to happen. We find the reasons one step at a time.

–Jordan Sparks


April Showers bring buckets to the newsroom.

I’m sitting at my desk, plugging away at my work in near silence (scanner chatter to a minimum), when all of a sudden there rose such a splashing clatter: a steady stream of water  leaking its way through the roof tiles above a nearby cubicle. But don’t worry, there wasn’t anybody sitting there. The river was only using a keyboard as its bullseye, splashing all over the nearby monitors, tower, and mouse too.

So I ran across the room, grabbed a bucket and trotted back. The bucket was too small. The leak was spreading out, splashing the wall and more desk space than the ten inches of bucket could catch. So everything gets shoved. The tower is unplugged and moved to another desk, the monitor cables are all tangled so they just get pulled as far as they can go. Forget about the dinky bucket, we’re switching to the recycling bin.

I can see the ceiling tiles getting soaked, so I look into sliding them out of the way. Bad idea. Without them in place, water just sprays everywhere. Soggy ceiling tiles it’ll have to be.

The sad part is that everybody knows our roof leaks. The typical response isn’t, ‘Oh no!,’ it’s, ‘oh, it’s leaking again?’ Engineering knows. They’ve even rigged up buckets and tubing above our heads to try to stem the flow. Are you hearing me?? There is a bucket above my desk catching water. And if you go to engineering and say there’s a leak, the response will be, ‘hmm, the bucket must be full.’ Honestly, fix the roof. Our business kinda depends on electronics. We have a lot of them. Random showers in the newsroom seriously impedes work. And now I have to listen to drip, drip, drip–chinese torture on my brain.

Remember when it rained. In the water I remained. Running down, running down, running down, running down, running down, running down, running down, running down, running down, running down,running down.

–Josh Groban


So I’m trying to wrap my mind around the idea of packing up and moving across the country. I’ve always said I could do it. And I think that I can, but it’s very different to have that possibility right in front of me. There’s still plenty standing in the way, but I think I need to consider the chance of everything working out before I actually have to hitch up my wagon and head out west. 

I’m being considered for a position at a sister station in Colorado. It’s a much smaller place, but it would be an on-air job. Not just on-air, anchoring. It would be a weekday morning job–meaning I’d have my weekends again. That would be nice. Although third shift could be rough. 

Fresh start. Blank slate. New beginning. Sounds great. And terrifying. Moving to Lansing was interesting because I didn’t know anyone really, but this would be a whole new world. Home is only an hour away now… not 18 or a $400 flight. To be truly on my own is such a foreign thought. But I’m game. Put me in coach. I think it’s a great opportunity. 

So for now I’ll wait for some feedback. If it doesn’t happen, there are other jobs out there. I think what I’m most impressed about is the fact that my boss is helping me, recommending me for the job. He knows that I want to get on air but doesn’t have a place for me here. It means a lot that he’s willing to help me get somewhere else. 

Honestly, I’m giving the whole situation over to God. If it’s meant to be, I’ll go. It really is as simple as that. I’m praying that it’s as simple as that. God is sovereign and I trust Him to work all things for good. 

People always say, “Life is full of choices.” No one ever mentions fear. Or how a road can seem so long, how the world can seem so vast. Courage see me through. Heart I’m trusting you on this journey…


One step at a time. One hope then another. Who knows where this road may go? Back to who I was, on to find my future. Things my heart still needs to know. Let this be a sign, let this road be mine.

–Aliyah, Anastasia 


For the past week or so I’ve noticed a growing trend at work. It seems as though our cleaning staff is a little over-zealous when it comes to restocking toilet paper. I mean, don’t get me wrong, nobody wants to run out of tp. That’s why there are extra rolls placed on the back of the toilet.

But the phenomena that I’ve witnessed is this: every day, regardless of where the current roll is at (3/4, 1/3, 2/7), the cleaning staff will replace it with a new one, putting the remainder roll on the back of the toilet with two other new rolls. That’s fine and dandy and thoughtful, you say. The problem: the smaller rolls don’t get used! Fact: today there were three small rolls on the back of the toilet, in addition to the two full rolls. This picture doesn’t do it justice. Sorry. You get the idea.


Settle down, cleaning lady! There are only 3 females in the building at night and 3 stalls. There’s no way we’re going through all that toilet paper. You don’t have to change out the rolls. I think we know how to do it ourselves if it gets to that point.

If this keeps on going, I might just start stealing the remnant rolls. Nobody will miss them and it will lessen my household bills. Just a thought.

Yep, over 200 words about toilet paper. You just never know what you’re going to get.

No matter where you are right now, remember God’s right there. He’s asking all of us to take care of his paper angels everywhere.

–Jimmy Wayne