April Showers bring buckets to the newsroom.

I’m sitting at my desk, plugging away at my work in near silence (scanner chatter to a minimum), when all of a sudden there rose such a splashing clatter: a steady stream of water  leaking its way through the roof tiles above a nearby cubicle. But don’t worry, there wasn’t anybody sitting there. The river was only using a keyboard as its bullseye, splashing all over the nearby monitors, tower, and mouse too.

So I ran across the room, grabbed a bucket and trotted back. The bucket was too small. The leak was spreading out, splashing the wall and more desk space than the ten inches of bucket could catch. So everything gets shoved. The tower is unplugged and moved to another desk, the monitor cables are all tangled so they just get pulled as far as they can go. Forget about the dinky bucket, we’re switching to the recycling bin.

I can see the ceiling tiles getting soaked, so I look into sliding them out of the way. Bad idea. Without them in place, water just sprays everywhere. Soggy ceiling tiles it’ll have to be.

The sad part is that everybody knows our roof leaks. The typical response isn’t, ‘Oh no!,’ it’s, ‘oh, it’s leaking again?’ Engineering knows. They’ve even rigged up buckets and tubing above our heads to try to stem the flow. Are you hearing me?? There is a bucket above my desk catching water. And if you go to engineering and say there’s a leak, the response will be, ‘hmm, the bucket must be full.’ Honestly, fix the roof. Our business kinda depends on electronics. We have a lot of them. Random showers in the newsroom seriously impedes work. And now I have to listen to drip, drip, drip–chinese torture on my brain.

Remember when it rained. In the water I remained. Running down, running down, running down, running down, running down, running down, running down, running down, running down, running down,running down.

–Josh Groban


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