Surround Sound

I’ve got that Friday feeling. That’s ok, it is my Friday. I’ve just been waiting for this day since I made plans last week.

I’m getting ready for an interview: laying out clothes, printing off resumes and references… you know, the typical. Over-thinking, yet not covering the important stuff. There’s a two hour car ride for that.

I’ll let you know more about the experience later. I’m sure there will be some great stories, seeing as I’m taking a two-hour roadtrip with my mom and two munchkins. Should be interesting.

For now I’m crossing my fingers because this job seems to have my name written all over it.

In other, completely unrelated news, do you remember when this was at the top of your Christmas list? image

I mean, what do kids ask for these days? iHomes and docking stations. C’mon. This was the big item… We’re talking $50-75.  Big deal. 5-disk changer? Surround sound–big speakers. A crazy demo mode light shore that triggered seizures. I had it made! Now it’s collecting dust, the changer doesn’t change… I still can’t help but feel like the younger generation is missing out.

I wanna be, wanna be your Friday night. I wanna be your lemonade in the shade, money in your pocket cuz you just got paid babe.

–Lady Antebellum


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