There’s a big pile of boxes in the corner. Waiting. Mocking. Tormenting. 

I’m making mental lists in my mind. Those should probably make it onto paper. What makes the move, what goes. I’ve reached the ‘99% sure I’m moving’ phase. There’s a mountain of work to be done because of this.

  • Packing. It’s really the least of my worries at the moment, but a worry all the same. One thing is for certain: my Christmas tree must come down
  • Finding a new place to live. Yep, gotta find a new home that won’t break the bank
  • Figure out what happens with my current lease. That one is probably easier than I’m making it out to be. I really only have a month left on it. Just have to pay up
  • Contract. Never claimed to be good at negotiations. I’m just happy to sign, but is that what’s best for me?
  • Learn. New job, new responsibilities
  • Life. Starting over in a new town, meeting new people

Those are some of the things swirling through my mind right now. I’m also holding out for my fortune cookie:

“Keep your eyes open on Thursday for a special opportunity.”

Thursday happens to be my birthday. Another stepping stone in my life. A quarter century. It’ll probably inspire some super introspective post later this week, but for now I’m just trying to figure out what to do on the day. I have the ‘planning my own party’ feeling. You know, wanting to do what you want, but also wanting it to be something other people enjoy. Getting more caught up in planning than enjoying. That’s why part of me wants to just drive to Cedar Point by myself and enjoy the day. Trying to see if driving 6 hours is worth it, but shoot, it’s my birthday. Maybe my special opportunity is there! haha. Or not. 

It just seems like there’s a lot going on right now. It’s time to start a new chapter. No sitting back and watching time go by. It’s time to make things happen. 

Keep your feet ready, heartbeat steady. Keep your eyes open. Keep your aim locked. The night feels dark. 

–Taylor Swift



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