“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.” Ephesians 5:1

It’s a verse that comes up often enough in the Christian life. It seems simple enough. Try to be like God. Live according to his commands. I’ve heard this verse so many times.

Yet it struck a different note when I came across it the other night. It came after spending the day with my nephew. He’s two and a half. Curious. Energetic. Wants to be a big boy.

He’s speaking in pretty full sentences, but most of that comes from imitation. He repeats practically everything. If you ask him a question (did you eat all of your sandwich?), he responds with the question (I eat all of your sandwich?). He wants so desperately to learn, to sound like the grown-ups. And honestly it’s the best way for him to learn. 

Taking this back to the verse, this is how we should be responding to God. “Be Imitators.” Is it truly your desire to be like God? To be close to God? To always be with God? Do you want to mature in your faith? Then follow Him. Repeat after Him. Immerse yourself in Him. Cling to Him like a kid clutching his dad’s leg, hanging on for the ride. 

We have God’s Word. Are you ingesting it daily? Can you repeat it? Do you know what it means? Jesus is the Truth we stand firm in. 

The question I ask myself: am I chasing after Jesus like a dearly loved child? 

It also makes me step back and look at God differently. I know how much I absolutely love that kiddo and how proud I am of the progress he’s making. I can only imagine how much greater God’s joy is when we strive to imitate Him. 

“Do you know that you are dearly loved. No greater joy, no greater peace, no greater love… It’s worth it brothers, it’s worth it friends to know your maker.”

–Jimmy Needham


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