Not a Dream

Thursday was a crazy day. At the start it didn’t seem that way. Then one thing went wrong and it spiraled downward from there. The good news is that I learned some valuable lessons regarding my job. A) always check mic levels. Especially during emotional interviews for one of the town’s main stories. B) wear clothes with pockets. When you’re carrying your own gear, you need your hands free. C) moving one thing that’s attached to another can have serious consequences. Disconnecting may not be a bad option if it keeps your tripod and camera from crashing to the ground. D) stick to the script. E) don’t wear heels while carrying 60 pounds of gear. Even if it is just from the car to the building. You almost broke your leg. F) you can desire perfection, but accept an honest effort. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Next time will be better. G) by definition, you get a new start every day in the news business.

Things are looking up, oh finally… I’ve always wanted this and it’s not a dream anymore; it’s worth fighting for. 



One thought on “Not a Dream

  1. Austin Brunner says:

    Especially like F. And the Paramore quote.

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