Staring out the small oval airplane window, craning my neck to look higher, I see the moon. It casts a smooth glow on the blanket of cloud cover floating beneath the aircraft.

Orion stands just above the cloud line, sinking into the fog while shooting into the vast onyx expanse.

A gap opens in the clouds and a miniature cityscape twinkles up mirroring the stars above.

An orange glow gives texture to the clouds below as a brighter city makes its presence known to travelers. A minute later it’s gone; the grey moonshine washes out the color.

The world below is blurry, but the sky is crisp. The clarity is striking against the hazy divide.

This is the closest I’ll ever come to the stars. I sit here pondering the mystery and greatness of it all. Yet, too soon, my thoughts are grounded. 

I look up now and all I see is a white smudge across the dark sky. The clouds that once carpeted the air below me, now obscure the sky above me, reinforcing my small position in the world. 

I can feel but I can’t touch the atmosphere of your love. Surrounded by something I know is there. For reasons that I can’t see, what exists is far beyond me. But I will have faith in the unseen. I’ve heard the song of ancient hymns. I’ve felt the chills of the cool, cool wind. I’ve tasted the sweet before, been lost in the beautiful, the powerful mystery of the invisible. Have faith. Have faith, my dear.