Right moves

Do you ever get a glimpse of just how annoying you are and wonder why people –nay, if people like you? I recognize the fact that I’m a know-it-all. I sincerely apologize. It’s hard for me to stay quiet when I know the answer. It’s hard for me to sit back and watch someone struggle when I can give them some pointers.

I’m not trying to be bossy. I promise. I’m really trying to help. I just end up coming off as a ridiculously pompous person.

So I’ll try to hold my tongue, or at least choose my words more wisely‚Ķ because what really matters is that I don’t actually have all the right answers.

I know we got it good, but they got it made,
And their grass is getting greener each day,
I know things are looking up, but soon they’ll take us down,
before anybody’s knowing our name.
All the right friends in all the wrong places, yeah, we’re going down.
All the right moves in all the wrong faces.

–One Republic